Turkey is de facto the air force of the ISIS


Again the Turkish army bombs Kurdish refugees, the Yazidi settlement areas and other areas in northern Iraq.

We demand international investigation of crimes committed in Afrin since Turkish takeover – Mazloum Abdi

I call on the German government to immediately stop all support for the Erdoğan regime, in particular the arms supplies, and to break its silence in the face of the attacks, which are contrary to international law.

The Maxmur refugee camp and the Yazidi settlement areas in Shengal were the main targets of the terrorist organization ISIS. The fact that Turkey now also bombs these targets makes the Turkish army the de facto air force of ISIS. Any support for such a regime must be withdrawn. But the renewed attacks on the Kurdish freedom fighters must also be condemned in the strongest terms. The Turkish state cannot defeat the Kurdish freedom fight militarily – the last 40 years have clearly shown this. Instead, peace negotiations must take place and a political solution must be found, otherwise this war will drag on for decades and cause further unspeakable suffering.

Protests in North-East Syria against Turkish attacks on Bashur

Protests against Turkey’s large-scale offensive against South Kurdistan (Bashur) are taking place in many cities of North and East Syria.

In the autonomous regions of North and East Syria, massive protests are taking place against Turkey’s large-scale offensive in South Kurdistan. Last night, the Turkish air force bombed dozens of places on Iraqi territory, including the Yazidi settlement area Shengal, the UN-protected Maxmur refugee camp and guerrilla zones. While guerrillas suffered no casualties, four fighters of the Shengal Resistance Units (YBŞ) were wounded in air strikes that targeted their positions. There is still no reliable data on the deaths and injuries in the civilian areas.


In Qamishlo, thousands of Kurds, Arabs and Syriacs protested under the slogan “No to the occupation by Turkey and the ISIS” at a massive rally against the Turkish large-scale offensive in South Kurdistan.

PYD co-chair Ayşe Hiso said during a speech that Turkey’s attacks on Kurdish settlement areas were carried out with “intent to exterminate” and were directed against all peoples of the region.

“The Turkish state is taking revenge for the ISIS, which was defeated by the resistance of our peoples,” Hiso said, condemning the silence of the South Kurdistan autonomous government and the Iraqi central government. Neither Hewlêr (Erbil) nor Baghdad has made any statement on the cross-border attacks of Turkey.


In Girkê Legê a protest march took place from Şehîd Xebat Square to the city centre. Many people carried flags of the different political parties of North and East Syria and banners with pictures of the martyrs of the revolution in Rojava. At a final rally it was affirmed that Turkey’s “occupation efforts” will not crush the resistance of the peoples.


At a protest in Til Hemîs, Heyal Xiwêr, co-chair of the district’s autonomous people’s council, pointed out that Turkey is turning the entire Middle East into a war zone. The politician condemned the recent attacks on South Kurdistan, which especially affect survivors of the ISIS genocide in Shengal.


In Kobanê thousands of people flocked to the Free Woman Square and marched towards the border crossing leading to Suruç district of Urfa. A rally was held in this area very close to the border with Turkey, with Ahmed Şêxo from the PYD Executive Council as one of the speakers. Şêxo pointed out the complicity of the European states in attacks and massacres of Turkey, no matter where they happened. “Whoever remains silent is complicit”, he said.

Felek Yusif of the Coordination of the Women’s Movement Kongreya Star called for global resistance against the attacks of the Turkish state.


In the Washokani camp, where more than ten thousand displaced people from Serêkaniyê (Ras al-Ain) and Girê Spî (Tal Abyad) live, a demonstration took place against Turkey’s attacks on South Kurdistan.


Many people took to the streets also in the Kurdish neighborhood of Sheikh Maqsoud (Şêxmeqsud) in the Aleppo Governorate. Suad Hiso of the Mala Êzîdîyan (Yazidi House) institution said: “The attacks of Turkey are not in the least different from those of ISIS. The mentality is the same. The Turkish state now wants to complete what the ISIS has failed to do. Their goal is to wipe out our people.”

The protests continue in many other regions.

The Turkish state and mercenaries continue to target civilians in Afrin. Hardly a day passes without reports of crimes in the occupied territories of North and East Syria.

From Afrin to the world: Act now and end Turkish occupation!

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